Episode 256: Speak to Sell with Less Sleaze and More Confidence with Colin Boyd #BizTipFriday

#biztipfriday May 03, 2019

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Colin Boyd is back as our special guest for this #BizTipFriday episode, and he’s going to share his 6-step journey to selling from stage! As a bonus, Colin is offering listeners his incredible step-by-step guide for instantly finding and telling your signature story, so that you can connect with your audience and get more clients (without being sales-y or pushy).  To get this guide, all you have to do is go to http://www.sellwithstoryguide.com/

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What the 3 levels of a stage are and what happens when you master selling from it

  • Two amazing tips that Colin gave me that have helped me tremendously over the years with my own selling from stage

  • How Colin learned that you needed to focus on more than just yourself when speaking

  • The way to structure an effective presentation, and an example of how to utilize the stage at a level of mastery

  • Your presentation literally has everything to do with this one thing…

  • Purpose and the role of your story in the selling from stage process



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