Episode 176: Becoming Unfriggin-Stoppable with Colin and Sarah Boyd

increased performance Jul 15, 2018

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On today's episode, you'll learn: how to build resilience, how to overcome difficult situations, 3 steps to overcome any difficult situation, how to become unstoppable in your business, how to be more perseverant, how to reframe negative events and much more!

Today I’m joined by two guests who are going to show you how to become UNSTOPPABLE in your business (and life)!

Colin Boyd is an International speaker and communication expert, and what makes him unique is his obsession around helping influencers to communicate their ideas in a way that makes people take action.

Sarah Boyd is an authority on resilience, courage, and creativity. Sarah has deeply personal experience in navigating stressful life events, such as cancer and chronic health conditions, while building and running successful businesses in America and Australia. She is the Founder of Resilient Little Hearts Children’s Publishing House, & a children’s book author. Sarah is passionate about lifting the limits off an individual’s potential so he or she can pursue their dreams & live a meaningful life.

Life happens, but it’s about not letting anything stop us. Colin and Sarah are examples of what can happen when you are determined to live your best life, no matter what.

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In the episode you’ll learn:

Sarah’s life altering situation, how it has affected her and why she’s so grateful for it

What happens when we consistently push pain away without working on it

Whether or not everyone has a deeper purpose

What your biggest regret will be…

Sarah’s 3-steps to follow when going through a painful experience

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