Episode 407: The Real Cause of Your Negative Self-Talk And How to Overcome It

mindset Nov 02, 2020

Do you have an inner critic? Everyone does, which is why today we wanted to focus on the things we say to ourselves, often without even realizing it. In this episode Jilly and I reveal strategies for becoming aware of, and overcoming, these harmful messages that could jeopardize your life and business.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What your inner critic is really about, and why you can’t just try to silence it

  • When the core beliefs we have about ourselves are often formed

  • Key phrases to remove from your vocabulary right now

  • Why you have to do the work yourself first – and what will look like

  • 3 simple steps to tackle these problems easily

  • The #1 thing stopping you from reaching success and following your dreams



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