Episode 403: Reclaiming Your Personal Power and Who You Have to be to Manifest Exactly What You Want Out of Life

mindset Oct 12, 2020


In this episode Jilly and I are having a BIG conversation about a BIG word – power! We’ll be discussing personal power specifically, because it’s something that’s talked about a lot, but is often misunderstood. This is such an important topic that we’ll be making it a multi-part mini-series, and by the end of this mini-series you’ll have better clarity on how you can start reclaiming your own personal power!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What “personal power” means, and why we feel it differs from confidence

  • The damaging impact that the opinions, words and actions of others can have on your personal power

  • Some common ways that people give away their personal power

  • Specific journal questions and prompts you can use right now to reclaim your personal power

  • Why playing it “safe” as an entrepreneur is the most dangerous thing that you can do

  • And much more!



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