Episode 400: Healing at the Cellular Level with Jim Law & Jim Girard

increased performance Sep 24, 2020


I hope you’re enjoying Health Week here on the podcast, and today’s episode is another one that is going to blow your mind! I have a fascinating conversation with Jim Law and Jim Girard, co-founders of the incredible tool and technology called BioCharger, which is something that was recommended to me by a good friend and that I absolutely love to use.

Jim Girard heads up Research & Development at BioCharger, and he brings with him 25 years of subtle energy research and development to the team, which led to the introduction of the original BioCharger concept in 1993.

Jim Law has served as a managing member of Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC since co-founding the firm in 2013. With a focus on strategy and business development, Jim’s entrepreneurial track record includes founding/co-founding two prior start-ups that implemented innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions that changed the way their respective industries did business.

What excites me so much about this episode is that you’ll hear things that you don’t hear when health is talked about, with science-backed expertise!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What the BioCharger NG is all about, its benefits, and how it helps its users gain energy, sleep (and more)

  • The things we encounter daily in our modern lives which can disturb our natural frequencies, and the ways this tool/technology helps to counteract that

  • What Jim and Jim call their special “recipes”, plus which ones are the most popular, and why

  • How the device came to be and the events that led to the creation of the device and later, the business

  • The incredible relationship between the Tesla coil and the BioCharger product

  • What harmonics are and how the BioCharger uses them so effectively

  • The story of how Jim and Jim got started working together

  • The main market they targeted at first, and how this has evolved over the years



BioCharger Website & Instagram

Jim & Jim on Luke Storey’s Podcast

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