Episode 399: Biohacking Today’s Biggest Unseen Health Threats with Luke Storey

increased performance Sep 22, 2020

Health Week continues on the podcast, and today we’re uncovering the biggest unseen health threats with the amazing Luke Storey, host of The Life Stylist Podcast! This episode isn’t about fear mongering or trying to scare anyone, but Luke’s mission is to empower and educate you on these important topics. Most importantly, as always, please keep an open heart and mind, and I hope you get as much from this conversation and Luke’s podcast as I have!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The way his Luke’s life has changed since living these principles, and the unique perspective he now has on “karma”

  • Some tools and products we can use to be smart and safe right now

  • Steps you can take to improve EMF levels in your home, and a common myth people have around radiation

  • Why the topics Luke and his podcast guests discuss are so polarizing

  • The “self-built zoo” we’ve put ourselves in as humans, and how we can start getting back into alignment with nature

  • Luke’s take on vaccinations, his true purpose in life and business, and much more!



Get the Items Mentioned During Health Week!

Luke’s Recommendations:

Somavedic & BluShield

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Luke’s Podcast, Website & Instagram

Episode 398: Health, Performance & Finding Your Edge

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