Episode 398: Health, Performance & Finding Your Edge

increased performance Sep 21, 2020

I’m so excited to be kicking off what I’m calling “Health Week”, and to do this today I’m talking about all the things that I’ve been doing to focus on and improve my health. I’m hoping this episode will inspire you to do your own research and to start getting curious, and even if you just start by doing one of the things I discuss here, I think you’ll notice a BIG difference in your life.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow as I’ll be bringing you my conversation with guest expert Luke Storey, the host of The Life Stylist Podcast, along with other amazing guests throughout the rest of the week that will help you boost your health and performance!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I’ve become so passionate about my health, and what I’m doing about it

  • The vitamins and supplements I’m taking that are changing my life for the better

  • Tips and strategies around food and nutrition

  • Two tools, plus a bonus one, that you’re going to want to check out

  • A sneak peek at who else you’ll meet during Health Week



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Episode 397: The Way To Grow Is To___

The Life Stylist Podcast with Luke Storey


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