Episode 239: The DARK Side of Memberships with Justin and Mike Brown

inspiration Feb 20, 2019

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Maybe you run a membership site, or you’re thinking of starting one, and you’re wondering how to make it as successful (and easy to operate!) as possible? Today we’re going to reveal the biggest mistake that membership site owners make, and here to share their experiences are Justin and Mike Brown of Primal Video. As you’ll find out, they actually built a membership site the wrong way and shut it down, only to go back to the drawing board and relaunch it on their own terms!  

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Justin and Mike’s origin story and how they were introduced to a completely different way of doing business

  • What kept them going in the early days of their business when they weren’t getting a lot of views on their videos

  • Why they made the decision to shut down their membership site and what they realized was happening in the group

  • How Justin and Mike started over from scratch and created the membership that they would want to be a part of

  • The difference in how the relaunched membership feels versus the one they use to operate

  • Their advice for anyone that’s looking to start a membership and the major pitfalls to avoid



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