Episode 120: 7 Beliefs About Money That Keep You Broke with Julie Ann Cairns

mindset Oct 08, 2017

Want to know how your beliefs are directly affecting your relationship with money? Today I’m joined by Julie Ann Cairns, the author of The Abundance Code, and she’s going to give you the steps to take to change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you broke!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  •  The single powerful thought that led Julie Ann to writing her book
  • What she changed in her own thinking that turned her company around financially – with a swing of $6 million in just 4 years!
  • What’s the most difficult step to changing our beliefs and some common myths around money
  • How to get over the guilt of selling
  • Practical exercises you can start doing today to identify and work on your own limiting beliefs
  • What role our identity and sense of worthiness plays in our relationship with money

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