Episode 122: Do Less BE More with Elena Lipson

Oct 22, 2017

On today’s show I have a special guest, Elena Lipson, and we’re talking all about the art of self-care. Want to know how to finally drop that “busy badge” you’re wearing and put on one of self-care instead? Elena even takes us through a guided meditation towards the end of the episode - I think you’re going to love today’s conversation!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Elena is bringing meditation to the masses! 
  • The moment she realized that she wanted to be an entrepreneur, and the physical breakdown that followed… 
  • Why you need to be aware of your environment and the effects it has on your energy levels 
  • The role of our patterns and how to change them 
  • The one big lesson she’s learned about success that she wants to pass on to her son 
  • What “I am the container” really means 
  • Elena’s “Magic Moment Practice” that you can do in as little as three minutes a day!...
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Episode 111: The Manifesting Manifesto

Aug 22, 2017

Today I have an extra special bonus episode for you, where I’ll be sharing with you my Manifesting Manifesto (which you can get for free HERE)! There’s a reason I do these things to manifest what I want, and if they work for me, they can work for you to. So give it a shot! Start small and let me know how you make out with the steps for manifesting that I give in this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • My theories on why these steps really work 
  • Powerful examples of people and things that I’ve manifesting into my own life! 
  • You can open yourself up to more possibilities when not being specific about the “how”... 
  • A way that you can test your level of believability that something will happen 
  • Why you need a certain level of detachment, and the ability to let go of something, in order to manifest it 
  • The role gratitude plays in all of this!

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Episode 105: Signs – Is The Universe Trying to Tell Your Something?

Jul 23, 2017

Aloha! You’re now listening to The Mind Your Business Podcast: Hawaii Edition. Today we’re talking about signs and how to take meaning from them. What if The Universe is conspiring to help you achieve everything that you want? Are you willing to listen and follow the signs?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  •  Amazing examples in my own life of signs from The Universe 
  •  Are signs always loud and obvious, or can they be subtle nods? 
  •  What happens when you start to listen to your intuition… 
  •  5 ways you can be more open to receiving signs!

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Episode 019: Know Your Numbers (An Intro to Numerology) with Kari Samuels

Episode 100: Finding Your Purpose with Mastin Kipp

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Test Your Awareness Video

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