Episode 111: The Manifesting Manifesto

manifestation Aug 22, 2017

Today I have an extra special bonus episode for you, where I’ll be sharing with you my Manifesting Manifesto (which you can get for free HERE)! There’s a reason I do these things to manifest what I want, and if they work for me, they can work for you to. So give it a shot! Start small and let me know how you make out with the steps for manifesting that I give in this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • My theories on why these steps really work 
  • Powerful examples of people and things that I’ve manifesting into my own life! 
  • You can open yourself up to more possibilities when not being specific about the “how”... 
  • A way that you can test your level of believability that something will happen 
  • Why you need a certain level of detachment, and the ability to let go of something, in order to manifest it 
  • The role gratitude plays in all of this!

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