Episode 704: How to Blend Spirituality and Business with Kathrin Zenkina Part 2

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2024

Today I’m back with the one-and-only Manifestation Babe, Kathrin Zenkina, to bring you Part 2 of our conversation, where we dive even deeper into spirituality and my journey, so far! 

In this episode, I open up about tough times I’ve faced and the role that spirituality has played in me overcoming them, the profound lessons I’ve learned since working with a powerful shaman, my personal favorite manifestation practices and I just may answer the question of why I wear so many bracelets as well. You’ll want to hear this, and if you happened to have missed Part 1 of my conversation with Kathrin last week, make sure to go back and check that one out too!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How I was able to deal with the emotions of running a business while going through tough times in my life 
  • The 4 main enemies we’ll face and the way I came to learn that clarity is one of them 
  • What happened with my business after I started working with a powerful shaman 
  • The real reasons that I wear so many bracelets
  • A big change that Kathrin has seen in my over these last few years and the biggest lessons that I’ve learned on my spiritual path, so far 
  • How a negative situation I went through actually turned into the best gift that I could have received 
  • A fresh perspective on goal setting and what to understand about the illusion of time 
  • More rapid fire questions and some of my favorite manifestation practices



Episode 703: How to Blend Spirituality and Business with Kathrin Zenkina Part 1

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