Episode 637: Creative Marketing That Converts From Our Latest 7-Figure Launch (And How To Teach Your Team To Think Outside The Box)

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2023

In last week’s episode, I shared 7 high-converting strategies that we put into place during our last launch, which I believe will give any entrepreneur higher performance and better results in their product launches. We’re continuing this discussion in today’s special “Jepepisode”, as Jen takes over and reveals the creativity that she infused into this launch. There is so much phenomenal stuff that she did and talks about today, so you do not want to miss this one!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Jen’s role as she saw it in the launch and the lens through which she approached things 
  • Why it was so important for her to have the Growth Team focus on showcasing who I am as a person in the messaging and the marketing we used 
  • The way she carried an overall theme for the launch through from start to finish 
  • Jen’s “4 C’s” of creativity that she used as a model for the marketing during the launch
  • What was done with the “average” ideas we had and how the team as a whole contributed into making them great 
  • Why it’s the small changes that really bring exponential results 
  • Something that happened that demonstrated to me that there really are no “bad” ideas
  • How paying attention to the marketing you see each day can help you too in your next product launch 
  • The piece of content that Jen was involved in creating that was her personal favorite 
  • The way that imposter syndrome impacts and holds so many entrepreneurs back



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