Episode 602: The 6 Major Mind Traps That Sabotage Your Success (and how to escape them!) with Kandis James

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the amazing Kandis James, a repeat guest to the show, to talk all about how to overcome adversity in your life, as we identify the 6 mind traps that so often hold us back! 

Kandis is author, podcast host, Applied Mindfulness and NLP-Certified Life and Success Coach, and I’m proud to say, a coach in our BBD Next Level Program. She’s helped people transcend the destructive mental programming that they’ve received during their lifetime so they can harness the true power of their mind and live a life they love from the inside out. 

In this powerful episode, Kandis also openly shares about the multiple near death experiences she’s had previously, and the ways in which her past training and personal development helped her gain perspective and move past these situations so that she can thrive!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What led to Kandis’ most recent near death experience, and the surprising positive that came from this event 
  • How she’s been able to use her past training to reframe her feelings and any blame she may have had 
  • Where people are going wrong when it comes to mindfulness 
  • Mind Trap #1: Catastrophizing
  • Mind Trap #2: Exaggerative the Negative
  • Mind Trap #3: Mind Reading 
  • Mind Trap #4: Blame 
  • Mind Trap #5: The “Shoulds” 
  • Mind Trap #6: Taking It Personally



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