Episode 592: How to Get What You REALLY Want - Money, Manifestation & Intuition, Part Three

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2023

Today we have the final episode of our special series, How to Get What You REALLY Want - Money, Manifestation & Intuition!  Back with me again is Kathrin Zenkina (aka “Manifestation Babe”) and Team Wedmore’s resident intuition expert, and in this episode, we talk all about intuition. You’ll learn how to listen more to the internal guidance system that is your intuition in order to make better decisions and choices in your life, and we want you to take what we shared in all three of the powerful episodes and start applying it in your life today!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • A recap on what the 5 Clairs of Intuition are all about 
  • The common fears that people often have with coming more intuitive 
  • What to do to start cultivating your intuition so that it stays consistent 
  • Our thoughts on intuition as it relates to trusting yourself and being open to receive guidance 
  • Why Kathrin reminds her students that the “how” may not matter, and a better way to get what they want will unfold
  • Exercises you can do right now to strengthen your own intuition



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