Episode 591: How to Get What You REALLY Want - Money, Manifestation & Intuition, Part Two

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2023

We’re back with Part Two of our series, How to Get What You REALLY Want - Money, Manifestation & Intuition, and I’m again joined by Kathrin Zenkina (aka “Manifestation Babe”) and Team Wedmore’s very own Jen Finley to talk all about manifestation. We reveal simple processes that we each use, what is happening when manifesting isn’t working for people, and we share cool stories of what we’ve been able to manifest at different stages of our own life and careers. If you’re not already being intentional with where you’re holding your attention, frequency and what you’re attracting, this is going to be a really powerful episode (and series!) to help you begin practicing that!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How Kathrin defines manifestation, and what she says to people she meets that question what it is that she does 
  • What opened her up to spirituality and onto the path she is supposed to be on 
  • Jen’s story and the psychic gifts she has been blessed with 
  • The way that manifestation now embodies everything for Kathrin 
  • How her mission has expanded and why she is perfectly ok with the unknown 
  • The lesson that Jen learned along time ago about the role gratitude plays in our lives 
  • How Kathrin uses a tool she calls “The Ladder of Believability” in the manifesting process 
  • Why pressure can be a killer for possibility, and and what you can do to play with time when manifesting 
  • What helped Kathrin reframe her approach and get past the fear of “losing” something she has achieved 
  • The very first step we recommend doing when embarking on your own manifestation journey 
  • Jen’s “3 R’s” that she lives by and the amazing story of how she manifested a dream apartment



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