Episode 493: How to Reframe Judgments, Manage Expectations, and Develop More Positive Self-Talk Right Now to Increase your Performance

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Today on the podcast, we’re continuing with the second part of our series on becoming a warrior, with our focus being on all the ways that we end up being our very own worst enemy! This is another powerful and important conversation to be having, and in this episode, we share with you our tips and strategies for developing a brand-new way to talk to yourself!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • One of the biggest lies that we are told, and how this is holding us back
  • Why I say that you are the biggest enemy that you’ll ever face
  • How negative self-talk has taken both of us down in the past
  • The significant side effects of fear-based thinking
  • The reasons that quieting your mind is beneficial in the process of changing your self-talk
  • What judging others is an indicator of
  • How you can reframe judgment so that it benefits you, instead of causing harm
  • Why criticizing yourself is never going to increase your performance
  • What happens when you accept your mistakes and are willing to make more of them
  • The ways that self-pity will give your power away
  • Why playing the “comparison game” can be so dangerous
  • How I mitigate and manage expectations to free myself from suffering
  • Tips for beginning to develop more positive self-talk right now


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