Episode 377: 8 Business Lessons from My Airbnb #BizTipFriday

#biztipfriday Jun 12, 2020


If you’re a regular listener of this show, you know that we have recently purchased homes in beautiful Sedona, Arizona to rent out as Airbnb units. As I have discovered, many of the things I’ve learned doing this can be applied to a digital business, and I’ll be sharing them with you on this #BizTipFriday edition of the podcast!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why we chose to invest in Sedona, and what our experience as property owners there has been like so far

  • What doing proper research and always knowing your numbers will allow you to do

  • Examples of how we’ve found “diamonds in the rough” – and what this could mean for your business

  • What will help you sell even more than words can

  • The structure, processes and automation we’re putting into place to make this venture a success (without taking up all of our time)

  • Having great people on your team will do this for you



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