Episode 333: Best Of: Using YouTube To Grow Your Business In 2020 with Justin Brown #BizTipFriday

increased performance Feb 13, 2020


YouTube is a powerful tool that I’ve used to help grow my business to where it is today, and there are so many opportunities for you to generate amazing results using the platform in 2020 (and beyond)! That’s why I’m bringing back my friend Justin Brown of Primal Video to share his expert YouTube tips and strategies, and you’re not going to believe the value that he shares in this one! So are you ready?

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • The length of time it took Justin to really get traction on YouTube, and where he now gets most of his traffic coming from

  • What’s more important than just the number of subscribers that your channel has

  • The importance of video ranking and what are the biggest factors in getting more clicks on YouTube

  • Justin’s recommendations for how to use a Call To Action (CTA)

  • How affiliate marketing can be used to build value for your audience

  • The best camera to use for shooting YouTube videos (his answer may surprise you)…


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