Episode 292: Overcoming Perfectionism with Hafsa Rana

inspiration mindset Sep 24, 2019

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Is perfectionism and the need to be “ready” holding you back from starting something? In today’s case study my guest Hafsa Rana, a member of the Business By Design community, shares her incredible story of getting past fear, hesitation and inaction. Hafsa recently launched her membership to the world, and guess what happened? She CRUSHED it! If something is holding you back from taking action, this just might be the episode for you.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • The biggest thing kept Hafsa from launching, and what had to happen in order for her to overcome perfection

  • When you’ll know that you’re “ready” to launch your next big project

  • How BBD has changed Hafsa’s life, and who she says she is now as a person versus just one year ago

  • The way she was able to make her launch work, even when the conditions she faced weren’t ideal

  • Hafsa’s BIG plans for her next launch and how now she’s feeling going into it

  • What really should matter if you’re an entrepreneur…


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