Episode 260: Inside the Mind of an 8-Figure Entrepreneur with Brooke Castillo

inspiration mindset May 20, 2019

Success leaves clues, and today’s episode is jam packed with them! I’m excited to be sharing with you my conversation with Brooke Castillo, the CEO and co-founder of The Life Coach School, as well as host of the massively popular show of the same name. You’re going to hear Brooke’s journey of how she took her business to over $17 million last year, and her BIG 10-year vision of generating $100 million annually! To get to the level of an 8, 9 or 10-figure entrepreneur you need to starting thinking differently, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will achieve your next milestone, whatever it may be.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How Brooke got into coaching and why she feels The Life Coach School is the best of it’s kind

  • What a coach is to her and what separates successful people from those who aren’t

  • The mindset shifts she’s undertaking to achieve her goal of $100 million

  • Whether of not Brooke still gets coaching herself from others

  • Why being happy all the time isn’t what we should be striving for

  • The tools she’s found that helps her own anxiety and the model that she teaches others

  • That we really don’t need permission from others to change how we think about ourselves

  • The real secret to getting to where you want to go



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