Episode 172: Taking Your Offline Biz ONLINE with Dr. Shannon Irvine

inspiration Jun 21, 2018


In this special bonus episode I’m sharing another case study of a business owner who’s business has exploded! Today’s guest took her offline business online, and in the process, grew it 522%.

Dr Shannon Irvine is the founder of Mosaic Vision, a non profit that serves AIDS orphans in rural Uganda Africa. The mission of Mosaic Vision is to restore the lives of AIDS orphans. Dr Irvine is also a Phd in Psychology with an emphasis in neuro-psychology and neuro-plasticity. She uses her credentials to help the orphans in Uganda thrive. Dr Irvine is also a business mentor who loves helping others master their thoughts, habits, emotions, and schedules to live the life and business that honors God and their priorities.

Not only has her rapid growth surprised her, but it also completely changed her view of what a business can be, as you’ll hear all about in this episode.

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In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. Irvine has been able to help other business owners using her own personal experiences
  • The way she realized she getting caught up in “doing more” wasn’t the way to grow her business
  • What led her to join Business by Design and how it’s benefited her business
  • The process she used for her beta launch and the results she achieved with it
  • What really inspired Dr. Irvine to move into a model using leveraged content
  • The fears and stories she had to get through in order to move her business online
  • Some resistance that I’m still facing in my business….

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