Episode 700: How One Entrepreneur Used What She Learned in BBD to Finally Break Through the 6-Figure Milestone in Business with Erin Gallardo: A Digital CEO Success Story #WednesdayWeeklyWin

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2024

Today’s #WednesdayWeeklyWin edition of the podcast features the story of an entrepreneur that blew past that elusive 6-figure mark, and Erin Gallardo is now able to design the life according to what she wants. 

As Erin shares in this episode, having money is great, but what’s really beautiful about being a Digital CEO is doing the thing that lights you up, day after day, and making a difference with the people you serve! 

The doors to Business By Design are open NOW for just 4 days! If you’re ready to grow your digital business beyond your wildest dreams, visit https://www.businessbydesign.net/enroll.

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Erin’s experience of transitioning from clinical practice to digital entrepreneur
  • Why led her to taking the leap and joining Business By Design
  • A look at the exponential growth her business has seen in the last three years
  • What Erin’s “Life By Design” now looks like and the role that BBD played in her realizing it  
  • The biggest non-business breakthrough that she says changed her life 
  • What it’s really been like to grow and scale a membership 
  • How amazing it can be when you finally let yourself dream BIG



Join Business By Design (Doors Open for a Limited Time Only)!

Erin’s Instagram & NeuroCollaborative’s Instagram

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