Episode 696: How A Guitar Teacher 3Xed His Revenue In Just One Year with Henry Olsen: A Digital CEO Success Story #WednesdayWeeklyWin

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2024

In today’s #WednesdayWeeklyWin edition of the podcast, we’re looking at how one Digital CEO 3Xed his revenue in just ONE year, and he happens to be in my personal favorite niche - guitar! 

Henry Olsen is living proof that you don’t need to be teaching people how to make money in order to make money online, and you’ll get to hear his story of giving up control and trusting the process by following the strategies we teach in Business By Design. Once Henry did this, he started getting immediate results after being stuck at what he thought was his income ceiling, and we are so excited to see Henry absolutely crushing it with his business!  

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Henry’s journey from factory worker to offering 1-on-1, in-person guitar lessons 
  • How he dove into the online space with BBD and the ways that it has completely changed his business
  • Why closing your cart and having a waitlist is such an effective strategy for selling digital products and the way Henry got past his fear of doing this 
  • Some of the incredible results that Henry has achieved since using the strategies taught in BBD
  • How Henry is now trying his hand at a live challenge launch after being inspired by The Rise Of The Digital CEO 
  • A closer look at his the personal growth he’s experienced since joining BBD
  • Why knowing your numbers is absolutely crucial for Digital CEOs in this space
  • Thoughts on learning how to rest when your cart is closed 
  • Henry’s move into offering high-ticket, 1-on-1 coaching to his students



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