Episode 695: How to Choose the Best Right Launch Strategy for You and Your Business to Maximize Sales and Impact (Digital CEO Series)

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2024

So, which launch is best? In today’s episode, I’m finally answering this age-old Internet question, and I’ll be looking at it from different angles with the hope that what I share helps you make your own decision more powerfully and with confidence!  

We’re just a few days away! The Rise Of The Digital CEO kicks off this June 6th, and you can register NOW at https://www.businessbydesign.net/RISE! Inside of this training we expand more on the launch strategies discussed today, and we even give you the launch execution guides inside of Business By Design - no matter which strategy is the right one for YOU.

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The BIG mistake people are making with launches 
  • Why it’s tricky and dangerous to have tunnel vision around which launch strategy is “best” 
  • 3 factors that must equally play a role in you unlocking the right system for you 
  • A rundown of the automated funnel we used that generated over $1 million in year with a $500 product 
  • The nuances to grasp between the words “automated” and “evergreen” 
  • A conversation around high-ticket offers and why this term varies so much based on the industry 
  • How we sell our exclusive mastermind and the launch strategy that wouldn’t work for this type of offer
  • Other types of launches we see people using right now



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