Episode 687: How a "Concussion Nerd" Made $40k Just 30 Days After Joining Business By Design with Natasha Wilch: A Digital CEO Success Story #WednesdayWeeklyWin

Uncategorized May 15, 2024

We’re back with another incredible #WednesdayWeeklyWin episode, where we bring you the success story of a Digital CEO who generated her first $40k in 30 days after joining Business By Design! Today, you’ll meet Natasha Wilch, who has one of the most unique niches that we’ve heard of as she is a world-renowned expert in concussions. 

Natasha has a brick-and-mortar clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where people travel from all over the world to be treated by her, and to increase the amount of impact she can make, she has built a thriving online component to her business by creating her “Concussion Nerds” program. 

In this episode, Natasha shares how she used what we teach in BBD to not only launch her beta and fill it, but the ways in which she is now refining her launches and seeing massive results by doing so. The best part is that Natasha is now leveraging her online business to impact so many more lives in the process!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why Natasha said she just knew she had to join BBD after attending the live Rise of the Digital CEO training 
  • What she loves most about the program and the way that she used the ‘Monetize Before You Make It’ process from BBD to launch 
  • The stories Natasha had been telling herself about launching and how Rise of the Digital CEO completely changed her perspective on this 
  • A look at how she continues to refine her launches uses the strategies in BBD 
  • The powerful messages Natasha is now receiving from people worldwide as she focuses on making a big impact in the world 
  • Her advice for people who have an idea but need the support and structure to execute on what it is they want to do 
  • What Natasha really considers as the true “secret sauce” of BBD



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