Episode 684: What’s REALLY Preventing You from Scaling Your Digital Program (Digital CEO Series)

Uncategorized May 06, 2024

In today’s episode, we’re bringing you a topic that is so important, and it’s something I’ve experienced myself and in other people over the years. We’re shining the light on the hidden culprit that just may be preventing you from scaling, and in fact, it’s so dangerous that it can even cause you to want to quit your business altogether. So listen up, as we reveal the tools and mindset shifts that will take your business from feeling “heavy” to being “light” and FUN!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why having your business or program feel “heavy” is a major problem that needs to be addressed right away
  • The 3D aspect of this and a conversation that must be had around boundaries 
  • What happens when you attach to your client’s level of success and what I’ve observed in terms of this from my own experience coaching others 
  • The biggest way that I’ve changed as a coach that has helped the people I work with the most 
  • Jen’s “3 S’s” to do before interacting with others to proactively protect yourself spiritually 
  • Jen’s “3 C’s” of reactive things to do each time after working with others 
  • A few vital clues to look for if something is upsetting or triggering you 
  • An example of how a past client went from wanting to close down her business to having fun again and the simple shifts that made it happen



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