Episode 676: ​​6 Invisible Ingredients to Attracting More Paying Customers (Digital CEO Episode Series)

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2024

Today we’re kicking off what we’re calling The Digital CEO Episode Series, where over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing in more detail how I’ve been able to do what I do in my business! In this episode, we reveal 6 invisible ingredients that, when brought together, will attract a lot of money to you by bringing you the ideal clients that you are here to help and serve.

If you’re building a personal brand as an online expert selling digital products, and you’re looking to take your business to 7-figures (or more) while actually loving your business, then this series is for you!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The way that a lot of people are struggling with authority and how you need to become the living, breathing personification of what it is you offer 
  • Why value display is a must have for a successful Digital CEO, plus what happens when your own values don’t match those of your audience
  • What the frequency of actually caring to help others is all about 
  • That knowing how you can help, and then conveying that energy in the right way, will be a gamechanger 
  • What makes you a leader and how not having that leadership energy will hurt your business in so many ways 
  • Why loving your offer is an invisible and essential ingredient for you to have and demonstrate to others



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