Episode 670: Why Operating Like A Digital CEO Will Transform Your Business

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2024

Today we’re looking at the four essential traits of the Digital CEO, and the reasons why stepping into this role is absolutely essential - no matter what stage of the business you’re in right now! 

The specific things we share in this episode should be the foundation or the core of any business, but they are what most entrepreneurs aren’t doing. When you apply this philosophy you’ll recognize the strategies that are working much quicker, and when you know how to apply them properly it changes everything!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The main reason why we use and speak to the identity of the Digital CEO so much 
  • A “rock bottom” time in my career and the two BIG realizations I made from this experience 
  • What the common characteristics of a Digital CEO are and some results that our students are seeing by applying the principles we teach
  • The first thing that has to be the top priority for any entrepreneur, and what to do right now if you are resisting pieces of your business 
  • What a system-oriented mindset looks like and the ways that replication and simplicity will transform your business as the Digital CEO 
  • A hidden skill that I’ve mastered, and that no one is talking about, that I can contribute so much of the success I’ve achieved to



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