Episode 660: How to Cause Your Biggest Breakthrough in Business Yet

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2024

Last week we shared the hidden causes to exponential growth, and today we’re going deeper and revealing how to have the BIGGEST breakthrough in your business yet. Let this serve as an invitation to show you what’s possible for you and your business, by making sure that you are creating the environment and the foundation that will support you in this breakthrough! 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The role that your inner growth will play in the process of achieving a breakthrough and what you need to be willing to do to get there
  • The ways to determine if you are playing to win or playing not to lose 
  • What it looks like to create the space a breakthrough in your business and how I’m always looking at multiple ways to achieve that next level of growth 
  • Why you need to always keep in mind the importance of enjoying the process when building a business
  • Where people are going wrong with the concept of “playing too small” and the new definition that I want to give to this phrase 
  • What to keep in mind in terms of the foundation that needs to be in place for your big breakthrough 
  • The reasons that just knowing your numbers isn’t enough to achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for 
  • How tiny tweaks can result in BIG growth



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