Episode 638: How To Heal Your Money Sh!t with Kate Northrup

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2023

Today’s special guest is my dear friend, the one and only Kate Northrup, a best-selling author and entrepreneur whose work has been featured in The New York Times, on Oprah and The Today Show. Kate is a wealth of knowledge, and in this episode, she specifically talks about how to heal our relationship with money so that we can open up and receive true abundance. This is such important work to do, especially for us as entrepreneurs, so I’m excited for you to hear what Kate shares today! 

If you would like to cultivate a healthy relationship with money and attract greater abundance, Kate is hosting a 3-part event on October 16th-18th at 12 pm EST/9 am PST. FLOW is a FREE workshop series to help you discover how to step into the stream of abundance available to you 24-7, and you can register now at www.katenorthrup.com/flow!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What Kate credits for making her so passionate about the energetics of money 
  • Something she sees in the way that many entrepreneurs approach their relationship with money 
  • The single most beneficial mindset shift you can have as an entrepreneur when it comes to your money mindset 
  • A deeper look at the correlation between money and the feeling of safety and security 
  • Kate’s advice for strengthening your connection with source and how this relates to money 
  • What is the underlying cause of someone making money, but having very little left after spending 
  • The concept of “money neutrality” and how you can begin removing the emotions attached to money 
  • Details on Kate’s upcoming free workshop and how it will help heal you heal your relationship with money so you can create lasting abundance



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