Episode 635: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Wealth and How to Avoid The Most Common BIG Money Mistakes When You Start Making Money with Mel Abraham

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2023

We’re back, and today’s special episode reveals the BIGGEST money mistakes that entrepreneurs are making that are preventing them from scaling their business and experiencing true wealth! As a CPA of 20-plus years, and a very successful entrepreneur, there’s no one better to share his expertise on this than the one-and-only Mel Abraham, and I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation!

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Having Mel as one of my closest friends has absolutely changed my life because of what he has personally shared with me about simple wealth principles that can change everything…and now it’s your turn! If you’re an entrepreneur looking for more freedom, then you absolutely need to attend Mel’s free once-a-year training that is happening right now, so head on over to www.jameswedmore.com/mel to get registered, and below are some details to give you an idea of some of the key dates and incredible value you will get from Mel’s training: 

August 31, 2023 - The Affluent Entrepreneur LIVE - Training #1 - THE AFFLUENCE JOURNEY.

This first training makes the case for building a MONEY MACHINE and the things that hold you back. You will walk away understanding the 4 stages of the Affluence Journey, where you fit in the journey as well as what it takes to move to the 4th stage of AFFLUENCE. You will also understand and work through the 4 types of money stories and scripts that have limited your wealth and how to conquer them. And with the money stories conquered we will give them the 3 pillars that all AFFLUENT ENTREPRENEURS have in place to give you a RICHER LIFESTYLE, DEEPER IMPACT and COMPLETE FREEDOM.


Now that they have a foundation for becoming an AFFLUENT ENTREPRENEUR, in this session, they will understand the 5 core wealth principles that are universal patterns of behavior that will drive their wealth and financial independence. You’ll understand the FIVE INCOMES that are used to create financial freedom. You’ll set your lifestyle wealth target so you know what your ultimate goal is. With this you can set the right plan and strategy to get you there. 

September 7, 2023 - The Affluent Entrepreneur LIVE - Training #3 - THE 9 ACCELERATORS OF THE AFFLUENCE BLUEPRINT

In this session, you’ll go deeper into THE AFFLUENCE BLUEPRINT™ process by understanding the 9 ACCELERATORS OF THE AFFLUENCE BLUEPRINT and know exactly where you are on each accelerator so you know specifically where you need to work to move you forward. You’ll understand the ONE big mistake that most people and especially TREADMILL ENTREPRENEURS make that puts their whole financial existence at risk. Then you’ll understand the 4 journeys you can be on financially and the path to define your journey on your own terms.


In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Who Mel is and why so many entrepreneurs go to him for financial advice 
  • The reasons why making more money isn’t the answer to your financial problems
  • Common investment mistakes Mel sees entrepreneurs making and the two journeys you need to embark on to start building true wealth
  • The big mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make with their money in their business, particularly as they generate more sales and achieve more success
  • Best practices for growing a team and how to approach this topic from a strong financial standpoint 
  • What you can expect by attending Mel’s once-a-year free training that is happening now



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