Episode 632: How A Single Mom From The Netherlands Created A Million Dollar Business Working 24 Hours A Week: Ditching Hustle Culture and Taking Risks to Leap Into A New Future with Zarayda Groenhart

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2023

Today’s powerful case study edition of the podcast showcases a past member of my mastermind group who has skyrocketed her business, and is now on track to generate multiple 7-figures a year in revenue! In this episode you’ll meet Zarayda Groenhart, who reveals the key concepts from the mastermind and Business By Design that she uses and has helped her gain success not only in business, but in so many other areas of her life!  

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why Zarayda credits finding and listening to this podcast as helping her become the entrepreneur that she is today 
  • The big lesson she has learned about hustling in business
  • How one question that I asked Zarayda changed everything and led to her creating a new identity for herself 
  • The way that Zarayda came to realize that sales is really about service, and what this shift has allowed her to do in selling her own products and services
  • What happens when you start valuing your quality of life more than you value the thoughts and opinions that others have of you 
  • Which parts of BBD she still uses and references regularly today



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