Episode 624: Real Business Talk with Successful CEOs feat. Jasmine Star (PART TWO)

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2023

We’re back with Part Two of my Conversations with CEOS featuring Jasmine Star, and in this one we go in a little different direction than in last week’s episode. Today, Jasmine shares about the challenges she has gone through while morphing her business into being an entire software company, along with some of the many life and business lessons that she’s learned along the way!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What Jasmine’s “secret to success” is and in what area she feels that she still has some work to do  
  • The role that gratitude continues to play for her each day 
  • Some of the big challenges Jasmine faced last year building her SAAS company and how she felt about the decision to downsize her team to align with her vision 
  • How her mother’s health journey has impacted the way that Jasmine now looks at everything in life 
  • A time in which she struggled with anxiety after assessing her business, and the advice that her husband gave her that helped her overcome it 
  • Jasmine’s thoughts on her journey as a SAAS founder and the way she is connecting her past experiences into this role 
  • Why your personal brand will always be the greatest asset that you will ever own 
  • What doesn’t matter to Jasmine right now 
  • Why it’s ok to travel on your own path and to do things differently than others, even if it’s at a slower pace 
  • A closer look at Jasmine’s new identity for 2023



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