Episode 614: 15 Principles of Online Marketing You MUST Master If You Want to Sell (PART TWO)

Uncategorized May 08, 2023

In today’s episode, we’re picking up from where we left off last week and bringing you more powerful principles of effective marketing that Digital CEOs need to be aware of and to be using.  If you have a favorite of the 15 principles we covered in these last two episodes, or one that you would like us to expand on, please make sure to let us know, and we hope you gained a whole new perspective on online marketing from this deep dive into these important concepts!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The Principle of Cause and Effect, and why I say that great coaches make the worst marketers 
  • How to really begin to hone in on the inherent desire of your audience as a marketer 
  • Why objections  aren’t a “no” and what they are instead 
  • How specificity is going to be your best friend as you market and sell your products and services online 
  • Why you’ll want to use simplicity, and several applications for how you can do this 
  • What happens when you begin to incorporate storytelling into your marketing and messaging 
  • How pricing is all about psychology, and the question you don’t want to be asking yourself in terms of pricing 
  • The role that the basic human emotions of pain and pleasure plays in your marketing



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