Episode 598: How to Be an Egoless Leader and Turn ANY Team Into Champions with Erika Wykes-Sneyd: The Leadership Series Part 3

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2023

Today we have the final installment of our three-part Leadership Series for you, where we’ve been discussing how to build a winning team. In this special series we  interview extraordinary leaders, and not necessarily just business owners, and we’ve already highlighted leaders in the film industry as well as a leader in the field of athletics. In this episode, Jen talks with our friend, the amazing Erika Wykes-Sneyd, about how to be an egoless leader and turn ANY team into champions, which is something she has a lot of insight in! 

Erika is the Vice President of Adidas’ Three Stripes Studio, and since joining the company in 2021 as the Vice President of Originals Basketball and Partnerships, her dedication to embracing cultural change and disruption underpinned the move to her current role as the founder and head of the brand’s dedicated Web 3 team. Erika has an extensive resume, including roles with Google, Boeing, Uber and more, and in this episode, she reveals the ways in which she shows up as a leader, how has been able to overcome imposter syndrome along her journey, and Erika shares her structures, strategies and formulas for turning teams around and motivating others in this process!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Erika’s career path and what she is best when it comes to leading others
  • Her advice on how to stand out as a brand in a saturated market 
  • What it takes as a leader to walk into a messy situation and clean it up for the betterment of everyone and the organization as a whole 
  • The ways Erika has been able to give feedback, lead creatives and her thoughts on the need to change your language based on the audience you are addressing 
  • Her framework for filtering ideas in order to get the best ones implemented, and the “4 C’s” of identifying the landscape 
  • How Erika approaches navigating imposter syndrome as a leader 
  • Some of the positive things she is currently seeing in marketing 
  • Erika’s personal mantra she likes to live by, and encourages other to do the same



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