Episode 594: Creating Your First $1 Million Dollar Year

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2023

Today’s episode is a look back at how I created my first $1 million dollar year in business, and we’re doing something a bit different today as returning guest Jennifer Finley is interviewing me! I reveal what it was really like for me during that time, where I struggled the most and why I was stuck for so long, plus the shifts I made to get to that next level and hit 7-figures in revenue. We hope you get value from the lessons I’ve learned on my journey as an entrepreneur, and that you can apply some of what we talk about today to your own life and business!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What my state of mind was like during the early years of struggle starting in business
  • An experience I had in 2008 seeing someone who worked less hard than me and was making more, and the impact that this had on me at the time 
  • What happened in 2011 that showed me I could do it and gave proof for what I was working towards 
  • A reminder that gratitude and appreciating the journey is so important while building a business
  • One of the single biggest reasons I was stuck for so long 
  • What my upbringing and my father’s perspectives on life taught me about reframing different situations 
  • Why I strongly believe that success in business can be fast and easy, but how people are making it difficult instead 
  • The mistake I made in the past of viewing creating a business similar to investing the stock market 
  • A powerful question asked of me that really started my journey and love for coaching 
  • Why I view “doing more” as a safety mechanism 
  • What my team looked like that first year of hitting $1 million in revenue, and what shifted in my routine in mindset that allowed me to get there 
  • The way I came to realize that building the “machine” of a business is different than maintaining that machine 
  • What happened in 2016 when I recognized that I had become “The YouTube Guy”



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