Episode 573: 12 Performance Hacks from Industry Leaders

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

I recently reached out to some of the amazing members of my Performance Mastermind with one simple question: What is your favorite performance hack? I wanted a variety of answers from a wide-ranging selection of entrepreneurs in various niches and industries, and that’s what I’ve got for you today. I can’t wait for you to implement some of these performance hacks that they share, and stay tuned until the very end of the episode as I give a hack that I use to maximize my own performance!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • A little known rule to pay yourself from your company without paying tax on the money 
  • How to approach creating systems if you’re struggling with digital clutter 
  • 3 ways to control your energy [on demand] 
  • Why one mastermind member encourages his clients to focus on the present so much
  • The ways that finishing your priorities daily, before even touching your phone, will maximize your performance 
  • How to use a “loop list” as a remedy for traditional to-do lists 
  • Performance hacks to help prevent launch freefall 
  • The positive impact that measuring your data will have on your performance
  • What resting more, and finding the things that really light you up, will do to your performance 
  • An emerging technology to be aware of that can greatly decrease your costs and improve your business’s performance 
  • A 3-part method to train your subconscious for success 
  • My “1 to 3” method that I leverage to maximize performance



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