Episode 553: Did You Lose Your Purpose?

Uncategorized May 30, 2022

If you’ve lost your purpose or you’re still looking for it, you’re not alone and today’s episode is all about what to do if you find yourself in this position. I’ve talked with a lot of entrepreneurs about this topic, and those conversations had a profound impact on them, which is why I thought it was time to do an episode for you here on the podcast. It’s a beautiful time where people are waking up to their purpose, and I want this for you too!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • A common theme that I have been noticing with entrepreneurs, and why there is nothing to worry about with it 
  • What to realize about your higher self and your purpose for being here right now
  • Some reasons why things may be happening the way they are in your life at this moment
  • The dangers of being obsessed with vanity metrics and numbers 
  • What to do if you still haven’t found your purpose 
  • A simple strategy that anyone can use to find more purpose in his or her life



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