Episode 535: Offline Business Owner DOUBLES Revenue Going Online

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2022

I have another special case study episode for you today, where you’ll meet someone who took her offline business online and saw tremendous results in the process! Today’s guest, Kristine Richer, actually went through my Nail Your Niche training so that she could find clarity around her niche, and in this episode she shares the full story of how she did it!

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In this episode you’ll hear:  

  • How Kristine got started with her online program and the process she went through to create it
  • What her first launch went like, and the moment that she knew she hit on something
  • The main reason that she joined Business By Design
  • What it looked like to build her email list, plus the investments that she made along the way
  • How she found her niche and the major role this played in her success
  • What the future looks like now for Kristine
  • Her advice to anyone about to launch their products and services online


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