Episode 533: How to Attract More of the Right People and Create the Future You Really Want Just by Doing this One Thing

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

You may remember the special hot seat mini-series we aired on the podcast last year, and by popular demand, it’s back! Each Wednesday until June, I’ll be sharing a hot seat session I had with a student of mine, and in today’s episode, you’ll meet Maggie. Maggie was about to open the cart for her latest offer when we recorded this episode, and all the doubts and fears were creeping up on her. Today, you’ll hear my thoughts on why we can’t be creating a future that doesn’t even exist yet, and what to do right now to attract more of the right people to buy your products and services!

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In this episode you’ll hear:  

  • The biggest concerns Maggie has as she is about to open the cart for her promotion
  • What she can do about being in that phase and mindset, and the real reason she is “freaking out”
  • How focusing on a future that hasn’t yet happened can be so debilitating
  • The problem with always being “busy”
  • A concept that can dramatically improve your money mindset and launch results
  • Why leading with intent is key
  • How to begin attracting more of the right people to you 


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