Episode 502: The Best Marketing and Business Tips that are Working for Multiple 6-Figure Digital CEOs

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021

Today’s episode is a special one, as you’ll be hearing from an amazing group of unstoppable entrepreneurs who are current members of my Performance Mastermind group. You’ll get a collection of the best marketing and business strategies that are working for some of today’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to hear how you put these strategies to use in your own business!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How one mastermind member eliminated roles in her business, significantly reduced expenses, and created her ideal day in the process
  • 9 words that can lead to so many sales conversations for you
  • The way that one entrepreneur went deep into objections to create her biggest launch ever
  • What one member learned that is now helping her successfully execute live launches
  • The amazing results that can be achieved when you get very clear about who you want to serve
  • What one member now does to help her, and her team members, focus on the transformation of their clients
  • The power of “rinsing and repeating”
  • How slowing down to speed up can create the space that leads to something even better for your business
  • The way that one entrepreneur uses her podcast to showcase her unique coaching style to potential customers
  • Why you should be leaning into your team, or building one, as a solopreneur
  • A strategy you can use to get your content shared more often on social media
  • How to build more trust, connection, and a deeper relationship with your audience, so that they’re more willing to buy from you
  • The paid masterclass strategy that one member is using to preview, and sell, her signature program
  • How to increase the number of testimonials you’re getting from clients of your program



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Connect With Today’s Guests:

Jenna Soard

Nicole Culver

Laura Schoenfeld

Doctor Tekesia Jackson

Nicole Begley

Candus Kampfer

Amber Brueske

Anna Powers

Julie Kim

Kate Taylor

Jessica Glazer

Mel Abraham

KT Merry

Jill Coleman


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