Episode 338: Best Of: Zero to Sold Out in 7 Days with Jacqueline Kincer

increased performance Feb 25, 2020


As you know I love sharing success stories from our members of our BBD community, and today I’m reaching back into the archives to replay another popular case study for you! When this episode first aired, you heard how Jacqueline Kincer went from no list and no product to a $7,500 launch in just ONE week. Jacqueline’s story is sure to bust some myths and fears that hold so many entrepreneurs back from doing what they’re called to do!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Jacqueline decided to offer a group coaching program and how she got started with her first sales webinar to offer it

  • What happened once everything “clicked” for her

  • How she used feedback from her audience to structure her program

  • What didn’t go as planned with the launch

  • Her advice for someone looking to create his or her first program, but are stuck and not sure what to do

  • What is now possible for Jacqueline now that she stopped playing small


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