Episode 303: Applying The Most Impactful Spiritual Principles to Business

manifestation Nov 25, 2019


This is an episode that I’ve wanted to create and share with you all for some time now. What I’m talking about today is really the essence of what The Mind Your Business Podcast is all about, which combining the spiritual with the business. In this episode I’ll be revealing the key concepts that you should be aware of, and how I specifically have applied them in my business and life (and how you can too)!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you may experiencing burnout , even if you’ve found your purpose

  • What happens when you evolve spiritually (and why entrepreneurs have such a great opportunity to do this)

  • Who, or what, is creating every single thing in our lives

  • How paying close attention to the way I feel has helped me so much on my entrepreneurial journey

  • What I do to attack the ideal people I want to work with – plus what you’ll want to avoid if you’re having trouble doing this

  • Why I believe so much in the Law of Karma

  • The ways in which polarity, or dual nature, applies to everything in business

  • What your higher self is and how our brain is limiting who we really are



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The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

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