Episode 295: How to Create Your BEST Content Yet

increased performance Oct 06, 2019

As a thought leader, expert and course creator, you absolutely need to come up with great content. How, and where, do you start though? For today’s episode I wanted to share my mindset around creating content, and what has helped me create content for my courses, social media, podcast episodes, and more. You’ll find that when you start generating amazing content, you’ll not only speak more clearly to your ideal customers, but you attract more of them and make an even greater impact!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How the content creation game has changed in recent years, and what won’t work right now

  • What makes content valuable – and it’s not just by teaching things to your audience

  • Why I say “a question is a receptive intention” (and what this means for how you create your content)

  • Where you can find more than enough inspiration to get you started, and keep you going

  • How we use stories and metaphors to teach lessons and other effective tools you can implement

  • What system I use for tracking content ideas and my recipe for making a create piece of content (along with a very simple exercise to get you started)


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