Episode 290: 1 Year of Growing a Membership with Tracy Harris

inspiration Sep 18, 2019

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Today’s case study features the progress of someone who had the idea to create a membership just one short year ago, and since then she has launched it with amazing results! My good friend Tracy Harris is a mother of two kids under the age of 5, an Instagram Mentor and the CEO of the Mums With Hustle online community, an education platform for mothers in business. Tracy hosts the popular Mums With Hustle Podcast and her membership, Social Method Society, helps heart-centered and impact-driven female entrepreneurs turn followers into eager buyers. You’re going to hear what has worked for Tracy this past year, what didn’t, the lessons she learned and the growth she has experienced. It’s all here in this episode of The Mind Your Business Podcast!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What overcoming perfection in order to launch her membership looked liked

  • The amazing results that they achieved, including a launch where over 300 new member signed up in just 4 days

  • How Tracy has structured the membership and the pricing strategy that they’ve used

  • The way she’s reframed the situation when members leave

  • Why Tracy loves live webinars so much

  • Her best tips for attracting and retaining new members

  • How she’s been able to build a thriving business as a busy mother

  • What she experienced in the corporate world, including anxiety, and the role quitting played on her path to entrepreneurship

  • How Tracy is now using her intuition moving forward in her life and business



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