Episode 282: How to CUT the F.A.T (False Assumed Truths) with Natalie Jill

mindset Aug 05, 2019

Today I’m chatting with the incredible Natalie Jill about the power of surrender and letting go of limiting beliefs. Natalie is a fat loss expert turned high-performance coach who helps women age in reverse, which happens to be the subject of her brand new book. Natalie is also the host of The Leveling Up Podcast, and someone who has been in the online space for a long time. She’s someone who is followed by millions of people, and what she has to share is eye opening!  What it really takes to be successful, the struggles and the “failures” – it’s all here on today’s episode!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Natalie’s “accidental” start online 12 years ago after she says her life had fallen apart

  • What are false identifying truths (F.A.T) and the ones she started identifying from a young age in her own life

  • The story of Natalie’s first e-book, which turned into a product that sold $3 million

  • A secret she was hiding and the biggest hardship she faced in her journey

  • How Natalie got really clear on her messaging, and what happened after she did

  • The 7 traits of successful entrepreneurs who have overcome failure (and what you can learn from each of them)

  • Why Natalie loves doing her podcast so much and the common F.A.T she feels are preventing people from having the business that they want



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