Episode 279: The DNA of The Digital CEO with Patty Palmer

inspiration Jul 29, 2019

In this episode you’re going to hear how a multi-7-figure digital actually thinks about business! Patty Palmer is the founder of Deep Space Sparkle, and she shares her internal journey and evolution, and the shifts she had to go through to create what she has today. This is really a story of possibility, and if I could bottle the essence of who Patty is, I’d give it to every single entrepreneur in the world!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What Patty’s business model use to look like, and why she decided to apply for and join our mastermind

  • How she started to really “connect the dots” with her business and where it is today, as opposed to 4 years ago

  • Why a membership site has been such a great business model for her and the role that her members play in the development of it

  • The reasons that it’s not necessary to execute a perfect marketing plan all the time

  • Patty’s transition to the CEO role and why it’s been more difficult than she expected

  • Her best advice for other entrepreneurs and the long-term vision she has for her brand and Deep Space Sparkle



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