Episode 270: For The Love of Money with Chris Harder

manifestation Jun 24, 2019

Today I’m talking to my special guest Chris Harder, and this episode is different in that it’s going to air on both of our podcasts. You’ll notice it’s a real back and forth conversation, or “cage match,” as I call it! We talk everything money, business, losing it all (and how to get it back even faster), generosity and so much more. Chris is a true rockstar and I think you’re really going to enjoy all the places this conversation goes today! 

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • An experience that Chris considers his biggest embarrassment, but one that was also freeing

  • What motivates him to do his podcast and all the work he’s doing

  • Our thoughts on why money is energy

  • A top skill that most entrepreneurs are missing

  • How Chris stripped away the habit of judgment during one short trip

  • The best (and most challenging) parts of working with our spouses

  • What to do to build an All-Star team – and why you should start on it right now if you haven’t already

  • Our personality types and each of our strengths and weaknesses

  • The role that generosity has played in our success

  • A divine experience that changed Chris’s life forever and made him realize our responsibility to the world

  • The biggest money mistakes entrepreneurs are making and why he says that “ego is our greatest overhead” in business

  • The reason that there will always be enough money to go around



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