Episode 266: How to Save a Failed Launch with Jasmine Star

inspiration Jun 12, 2019

The week of Jasmine Star continues today, and in this episode she will be sharing how to pivot when a launch is failing. Jasmine walks us through the steps she took when she noticed that her recent launch wasn’t going as planned, and how she saved it from what could have been dubbed as a “failure.”

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • The “light bulb moment” Jasmine realized what the disconnect was with her audience

  • How a CEO handles issues that arise differently than an entrepreneur would

  • The pivot she made with 48 hours to go which saved her launch

  • Why an irresistible offer is so important, and how she presented hers to her audience

  • The biggest takeaways for Jasmine during this launch experience

  • A sneak peek of what you’ll hear on Friday’s #BizTip episode with Jasmine



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Episode 265: Reprogramming Failure with Jasmine Star

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